personal training during Pregnancy and postpartum

Discover the Power of Personal Training for Women

Unsure what workouts are safe during or after pregnancy? Not happy with the way your body feels and looks? Aches and pains from pregnancy? Want to feel energized, pain-free, and ready for motherhood? Then contact me today: Carly - your personal trainer during and after pregnancy.

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Personal Training Programs

Personal Training Pregnancy - Personal Training Postpartum - Women's Personal Training

Energized Women

Optimize your fitness and wellbeing with personal training. Get personalized attention, benefits like weight loss, improved posture, reduced stress, increased energy, and more. Safely address injuries or medical conditions. Achieve your fitness goals inside and out!

Pre Baby Journey

Boost fertility with tailored workouts. Based on recent research the propgram aims to increase energy, reduce stress, and enhance chances of conceiving. Customizable for any fitness level. Get ready for pregnancy at home or in the gym.

Safe and effective pregnancy personal trainign performed at a small gym setting by Carly Maxwell Fitness

Powerful Pregnancy

Safe pregnancy workouts designed by a personal trainer. Trimester-specific routines for strength, cardio and flexibility. Boost endurance, prep for labor & birth and aid postpartum recovery. Stay active & strong for a healthier you and baby!

Postpartum Balance

Boost postpartum recovery with targeted exercises. Strengthen core, pelvic floor, and more. Reduce common issues like incontinence and diastasis recti. Tailored for each mom's needs, Enhance physical health, well-being, and confidence on your parenting journey.

Overwhelmed by fitness advice from OBGYN, mom, or friends?

  • Women often skip workouts due to safety concerns and confusion on what to do.
  • Eliminate workout guesswork with a pregnancy and postpartum personal trainer.
Safe and effective pregnancy personal trainign performed at a small gym setting by Carly Maxwell Fitness

Why hire a certified personal trainer?

Future Mom

Focus on preparing your body without overloading with posture/alignment, strength & lean muscle development, and more


Make sure you're doing everything you can to protect your baby while staying active and healthy. Customized training divided into three levels.


Sometimes it's hard to be patient with ourselves after childbirth. From recovery to building a foundation for exercise, I'll help you feel your best.

All Women

You deserve to feel confident and love your body. With a workout plan tailored to your specific goals and fitness level to make the most of your time.

Meet the Founder

Hey! I’m Carly Maxwell – your certified personal trainer and prenatal and postpartum specialist and my goal is to empower you to love your body more, and to feel confident at any stage of womanhood.

Client Testimonials

“This has been life changing. I've had chronic back pain for many years and tried many ways including physical therapy, accupuncture and exercises that just didn't help. Shortly after starting to workout with Carly my back pain decreased and eventually went away. I can't recommend her enough!”
“I've been able to strenghten my pelvic floor and reduce leaking...a lot with her quick and simple exercises.! I discovered Carly's postpartum course 18 months after having a baby and I still do the exercises! Her course has really helped me feel ME again after becoming a first time mum"
“I experienced "leaking" and overall weakness after my second child. I decided for Carly's Postpartum Course and learned so much about my body and why I was feeling certain things. This is an ongoing journey for me and I can totally recommend this course to a mama in any stage of postpartum.”

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